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We take your fitness goals seriously. We understand that losing weight and gaining muscle can be challenging, and our goal is to help you overcome hurdles and reach your goals.

“Apfitness is a lifestyle change, not a weight loss program.”

“I have never been the athletic type, have always been overweight and knew very little about fitness and nutrition. I was very insecure about my weight and have always been very shy about visiting any fitness facility. I was looking for a trainer for a long time to help me transform into a healthier lifestyle. Alex, founder of ApFitness helped guide me on the path to a healthier lifestyle, helping me lose and keep the weight off. Not only did I lose the weight, but i also learnt a tremendous amount about weight less that has helped change my life.

“AP fitness is the greatest gift I could have given myself, it was life altering.”

“I have been training for years with other personal trainers but was never able to get the results I was looking for. While I was able to achieve muscle gain, I was not able to get the lean build I was looking for. I heard of AP Fitness from an internet review, so I decided to give it a try. Within 7 weeks of starting with Alex from AP Fitness, I have was able to see my six pack for the first time in years and was leaner than i have been my entire adult life. I am very happy that I selected Alex to help take me to the next level of fitness and achieve the results I desired. My mindset around nutrition and workout has changed tremendously since starting with AP Fitness, I have learnt vast amount of information.”

“I know that AP Fitness is not just a fitness or nutrition company, but they gave me a different outlook on changing my lifestyle.”

“I moved to the united states 10 years ago and have been working as a truck driver. Without being very active and the stress that comes with the job, I ended up gaining a lot of weight. I was devastated as a result. I researched ways to lose weight and get into shape, as a result I stumbled across AP Fitness based the results they guaranteed. I was primarily interested in their online weight loss nutrition programs due to my busy work schedule. Ap Fitness was able to create a program around my schedule that would still help me gain the results I wanted. For the next year I was able to learn a lot about working out and nutrition and within the first year lost 80 lbs of fat which made me tremendously happy. I owe so much to Alex and AP Fitness for helping me make this transformation. I can finally see my Six pack.”

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